Joy Bagatta

This was my 1st Grandchild. Her name is Madelyn Mae. My son-in-law is a terrific fellow and had asked for one thing. He wanted a big stork on his front lawn announcing his daughters birth. I called Superstorks and explained what I was looking for. They asked what day my daughter was getting home. It was the very next day. They said they would try their best to get it there by the next day hopefully in the afternoon but could make no guarantees. I said that was fine. The next thing I knew they had delivered and set up the stork the same day I called. I could not believe how fast they delivered it. It looked great, but the smile on both my daughter and son-in-laws face was worth every penny I had paid for it. It was extremely reasonable and would recommend Superstorks for any occasion. They were great. Thank you so much Superstorks you made my granddaughters entrance into her neighborhood wonderful.